How many new clients are you missing out on everyday?​

Discover the proven 5-step process to bring the right people to your website, and turn them into paying clients – so you can spend more time doing the work you love!

 A 34-page step-by-step workbook to create an online marketing plan that brings new clients to your wellness business – online!

 Consistently grow your audience of potential clients, to add 1,000 or more subscribers this year.

 Know exactly when to publish your blogs and email newsletters, and what to include in them, so you’re never stuck staring at a blank screen again.

 Proven tips, tools and resources used by successful wellpreneurs to save hours on your online marketing.

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Warning! This is NOT a traditional e-book. I created this step-by-step workbook based on my proven Organic Growth System – to help you get complete clarity on your marketing and to create a plan that brings hundreds or thousands of potential clients to your wellness business this year.

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This 34-page workbook will help you create a simple + effective marketing plan for your wellness business, step-by-step.

You’ll get total clarity on:

  • Your revenue goals + pricing
  • Your Ideal Client or Target Market, and how    to reach him/her.
  • What kind of content to produce (blog, vlog or audio)
  • How often to create content – and how to make it feel easy!
  • Exactly where to promote yourself online, so you’re not wasting hours on social media.
  • and much more!

All based on proven strategies used by myself and hundreds of other wellpreneurs!  Don’t reinvent the wheel or spend all day online – just do what works!


“Since downloading the workbook, I’m clear on what I want my business to look like, who I want to work with, and how much I need to charge to live the life I desire! I feel like I’ve found what I’ve been missing!”

Gayle A.

Health Coach

“I completed the workbook in January and keep picking it up again and again throughout the year to keep me on track and reach my goals.  It’s made me feel so clear + focused!”

Rachel J.

Nutritional Therapist


I guarantee you’ll find this workbook valuable if you’re trying to grow your wellness business online. I guarantee you’ll find this workbook valuable if you’re trying to grow your wellness business online. Please note that as this is a digital download, no refunds are allowed, I appreciate your understanding!

  • Your payment is secure