I'm Amanda Cook, and I help wellness entrepreneurs like you grow your business online.

Over the past 7 years, I’ve helped thousands of health coaches, nutritional therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, acupuncturists, herbalists and other holistic practitioners grow their wellness businesses using online marketing.

I’m also the author of the bestselling book Wellpreneur, its companion, The Wellpreneur Planner, and training program for wellness entrepreneurs who want to make a huge impact AND have more freedom & flexibility in their own life and business called Wellpreneur Marketing Bootcamp.

You may best know me as the host of The Wellpreneur Podcast, where I’ve interviewed over 150 successful wellpreneurs about what it really takes to have a successful wellness business today.

In addition to having over 15 years of professional experience in sales, marketing and partnerships in the tech industry, I’m a health coach and herbalist. I’ve studied reiki and traditional Thai herbal medicine. I use EFT tapping and tarot cards, daily. I ferment sauerkraut and forage for local weeds to make into plant medicines. I’ve created a location-independent business that combines my loves of entrepreneurship, personal growth, travel and wellness.

I’m a total marketing geek, and I’m also a wellpreneur, like you.

I wholeheartedly believe that holistic wellness will change the world, and my mission is to help more wellpreneurs like you truly thrive in your business and life so wellness reaches those who need it the most! (And so you have a lot of fun and fulfillment along the way!). In my work, I weave both the alchemy (rituals, remedies, ancestors, plants) and action (business skills, marketing, tech) into a recipe for meaningful work and personal freedom.


Wellpreneur® (n):

1. An entrepreneur in the field of health and wellness.
2. An entrepreneur who considers and prioritizes personal and communal wellbeing while building a business.

The world needs more people to spread health & wellness. Will you step up?

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But most of all – TAKE THE LEAP and keep going! The world needs more people to spread health and wellness. And it can be you!


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